2Face-2 Accounts for whatsapp&social apps

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2Face-Multiple Accounts Master help you clone and run numerous social&game accounts online all the while on one telephone.

2Face-2 Accounts for whatsapp&social apps

Would you like to get messages from two WhatsApp on one telephone?

Would you like to utilize two Facebook accounts in the meantime?

Would you like to isolate working and living space?

Do you need twofold experience when playing recreations?

A cell phone, two records, two sorts of life, twofold salary, Account Master can be accomplished.

2Face-Multiple Account Master is intended for clients who need to deal with different records of a similar application on one phone.:🖲️ One-tap to clone applications, effectively include the various record for Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, QQ, WeChat and other social applications, the information between the cloned record and the principle account is put away independently and the messages don’t meddle with one another.

🌟 Run numerous records in the meantime on one gadget.

Backing for numerous records on a similar telephone stable login and use, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you can associate distinctive companions through various records, you can likewise recognize work and living space;

The information between the cloned record and the fundamental record is put away independently and the messages don’t meddle with one another.

🌟 Protect client security and social records use secret word lock

• Hide clients’ mystery applications without stressing over prying eyes by keeping applications just in mystery space.

• Protect client protection with a security lock.

🌟 One diversion, two records, twofold result

Utilizing two amusement accounts in the meantime, regardless of whether it is to finished the diversion assignment or increase twofold involvement, have turned out to be straightforward;

🌟 Fake Location

Counterfeit a virtual area for whatsapp to all the more likely ensure security.

🌟 One-tap cleanup to accelerate

You can see the memory involved by the applications running on the Account Master, the memory can be discharged whenever to improve the running pace;

💪 Highlights

🏆 simple to utilize and steady, intended for different records;

🏆 involve little memory, low CPU utilization

🏆 counterfeit area, protection is increasingly secure

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