Best way to upload photos to Google

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Everybody is uploading their photo on social network website today whether it is Facebook or Instagram. It is definitely the matter of every Internet user that his photo comes in Google search but the question is how can you upload your photo to Google?

Best way to upload photos to Google

Bringing your photo to Google search is a bit different and difficult, but in today’s article, I am about to tell the Kush Steps that you will easily go to the society, how to put photos in Google and you also get your photos in Google search results Will find

How to put photos in Google

There is no way to directly insert an image in Google but there are some ways that you can bring the photo image to Google search.

Here are two main ways to tell you that you can easily get your photos in Google search results.

First way:

Upload photos to social site





You create your account on the social network given above and upload the profile picture in it. Even after searching the name, the profile of the social network comes in the photo. And if you already have all these accounts then post your photo on them. By uploading photos to all these social sites, photos appear in Google search results.

Second way (Best *):

Add an image to your blog / website.

Uploading photos to social sites takes you to Google search but it takes a lot of time but with the help of a website or blog, you can quickly get your photos in Google search results, so this is the best way.


Add photo / image to your blog / website. Well, if you have money in creating a website blog, you can add images by creating blogs in blogger or

Now you know how to add photos to Google search. But when you upload photos, you have to follow some tips only when your photo comes in search results.

Whether you upload photos or social media, or on the blog website, then add photos to the public. Your privacy settings should be public when uploading photos.

Write a Discriptive Test for your phone. That is, under the image, write about it altogether, such as alt tag or caption From this, Google gets to know what the photo belongs to and results according to the user’s search results.

By following the above steps, you can easily bring your photos to Google search results. Hopefully the information given to you is good. Must share this article with your ditu

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