Cancelled Cheque Kya Hai Kaise Banate Hai

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Often when there is a work connected with KYC, we get to hear the name of the cancellation check. Do you know how to make a cancell check. Many people do not know what is a counciled check, but after reading this article completely today you will know what is the Kanseled check and how it is made. You will also learn about why a need for cancellation check is required.

Cancelled Cheque

What is a cancellation check?

Any check-in-the-blank check is done when there are two cross-line kites and it is written between the term consensual.

Cancellation check is a proof that it realizes that the person’s account is in any Particular Bank. Nothing is written except the two cross line and the Concelled word on the cancellate check.

How to make a cancellation check?

To make any check a cancellate check, you have to skip two slant lines on it and write the word Kanseled in between.

After doing the above mentioned work on any check, it becomes a Canslade check.

What is Canal Check?

After reading the information given above, you may have come to know what the Cansled Check is and how it is made. You may have wondered how the cancellation check is done or how it is worried, you can understand by looking at the given image.

What is the Use of Cancellation Checks?

Consolidated check is a proof (works of proof). Your account is in a Particular Bank.

You have to submit a counciled check when taking any kind of loan (home loan, car loan).
If you want to get an insurance policy then you also have to submit a Canslade check.
Cansled check is also required for opening a demat account or investing in a mutual fund.

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