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Do you have two records for text applications, tired to sign in and out to get twofold messages structure your double record?

Do you have twofold diversion accounts, need to keep them at the same time online to get double capacity and twofold encounters?

Parallel Space Lite-Dual App Mobile App Download

Do you have two records for the informal community, need to isolate work and individual life, twofold experience your amusement time?

As one of the best positioned instruments on Android, Parallel Space enables in excess of 90 million clients to sign on various records at the same time online on same gadget by virtual framework. Additionally, the Parallel Space Lite will give a quicker exhibition to mimic your double record through a fast virtual framework.

Parallel Space bolsters 24 dialects, and good with most text applications, diversion applications and interpersonal interaction applications. Get Parallel Space quickly to deal with various records, ensure security, and twofold appreciate the enjoyment of your double application.

★Log in to your twofold text applications, twofold diversion applications and twofold long range informal communication applications

• Balance between your life and work effectively by the virtual framework.

• Double diversion records and twofold appreciate the good times.

• Almost all text applications, diversion applications and interpersonal interaction applications are upheld for the double record in Parallel Space. Information from the two records won’t meddle with one another.

★Switch quick between double records with only one-tap

• Run two records all the while on the virtual framework, and switch between them quick with one-tap to adequately deal with your double records.


• If you are utilizing the Parallel Space and the Parallel Space Lite in the meantime, hypothetically you can feasible that running multiple records on the double 🙂

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